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SpineStrong™ Spine and Core Strengthening Program

Relieve Back Pain and Prevent it From Coming Back!

It is the most common and pervasive complaint: back pain. In fact, it’s been reported recently that over 85 million Americans suffer from back pain during their life.  Spine and Sport Rehab Institute has finally developed a unique program exclusively designed to stabilize and strengthen the core muscles of the spine to relieve and prevent back pain recurrence without surgery or drugs.

Intensive Spine Strengthening is a form of rehabilitation that isolates the stabilizing muscles of the spine and intensively strengthens them through a full range of motion under progressive resistance.   This, in turn, develops strength, flexibility and endurance of the spine, relieving a variety of spine related conditions, most notably, chronic low back pain. 

Our SpineStrong Spine and Core Strengthening Program is a structured and progressive program, based on decades of medical research and clinical application, aimed at breaking the chronic back pain cycle efficiently and effectively.   If you think you've tried everything for your low back pain, you haven't tried this. 

A State-of-the-Art High Tech Specialized Approach.

Using specialized high tech spine rehab equipment we are able to isolate the deep spinal musculature which is the most important, yet most neglected muscle group of the body.  Since it is your spine that is primarily responsible for all bodily movement, the health and fitness of these small muscles is crucial.

We also focus on the muscles of the lower back called the “multifidi” while intensively and progressively strengthening them through a full range of motion.   The Spine Strong program is a series of 30 minute rehab sessions performed 2 x per week over the course of 8 weeks utilizing specialized rehabilitation equipment that isolates and strengthens the 180 deep spinal muscles that support the spine and lumbar multifidus muscles.  Our goal is to develop strength, flexibility and stability of your spine.
When performed correctly, intensive spine strengthening of the lumbar spine is medically proven to:

  • Relieve lower back pain
    Reduce painful recurring flare-ups
    Prevent new back injuries
    Develop a stronger, better functioning spine
    Decrease the need for invasive spine surgery
    Increase bone mineral density even reversing osteoporosis of the lumbar spine

Why Do I Need It?

It is often necessary and highly recommended for those who suffer back pain, are recovering from back surgery or have a weak back, to undergo a specialized muscle strengthening program referred to as “Core Strengthening.”   It is designed to focus on targeting specific muscles of the core to stabilize and strengthen them.  When muscles and tissues of the spine are injured, damaged or weakened, they must be exercised to return to normal strength as before the problem occurred. The SpineStrong Spine and Core Strengthening Program is a program prescribed whenever strengthening of the back, stomach and core muscles is desired.

Reasons to Consider Using our SpineStrong Program:

  • Spine, Back and Stomach Core muscles are weak
    Your back has been injured
    The condition is chronic
    Increased range of motion is needed
    Increased coordination is needed
    You want increased physical endurance
    You want to return to physical activities
    You want to have a healthy spine

Just look at what some of the studies reveal about lack of specific spinal rehabilitation and recurrence of back pain.

Amazingly, studies reveal that the mulitfidi back muscles atrophy (weaken) in 80% of patients with back pain. Our SpineStrong Spine and Core Strengthening Program is intended for patients with back pain or patients who require physical therapy after their back pain has been reduced or eliminated.

A study published in the prestigious medical journal SPINE compared patients with acute lower back pain. Researchers first measured the size of patients' multifidus muscles (the very important lower back muscle) and found that on the side of a patient's pain this muscle was significantly smaller. They then proceeded to split the patients into 2 separate groups. One group did specific spinal rehabilitation and the other group did none. After 10 weeks both groups no longer had back pain, but this is where the difference becomes so important… the researchers followed these patients for 3 years and guess what they found?

In the group that did no specific spinal rehabilitation, 84% had another episode at 1 year while only 30% of the group that did the rehabilitation did. At the 3 year mark the group that did no rehabilitation had a 75% recurrence and the rehabilitation group had only a 35% recurrence.

How Does My Back Become Weak?

Research has shown that people with back pain have a tendency to “favor” the weakened muscles and recruit other surrounding muscles to compensate.  The favored or unused muscles begin to atrophy within 48 hours.  This makes them vulnerable to further weakness and injury, which exacerbates back pain and triggers a constant cycle of muscle de-conditioning.Patients who suffer from chronic neck or back pain or who constantly worry about their neck or back "going out" become very good at protecting these areas. They avoid certain activities and restrict others. The problem with this approach--aside from its obvious impact on the quality of life - is that it causes the spinal muscles to deteriorate further and become even more susceptible to injury. Thus, even ordinary activities like picking up the morning paper can result in injury.

Trying to protect your spine through inactivity also leads to shortening of the spinal tendon and ligaments, restricting your ability to move in a normal range of motion.  Weakened back muscles must be identified, isolated and then exercised to build up the muscles of the spinal column.  This is critical to aid in healing and maintaining a healthy spine. 

What Makes the SpineStrong Program Unique?

The SpineStrong Spine and Core Strengthening Program is different from conventional physical therapy.  Our treatment program is backed by years of scientific research and clinical studies. These studies were performed using the same "state of the art" medical exercise machines used at Spine & Sport and show that spinal pain can be eliminated or dramatically reduced through carefully isolated, weight- bearing exercise to increase spinal stability, range of motion, bone density and disc hydration.

While our program is intended to stretch and limber up back and neck muscles for increased range of motion, it’s primary focus is utilizing the SpineForce® 3D rehab exercise technology from Europe along with other state of the art technologies to target and recruit the 180 deep spinal muscles that support the spinal structure and your core.  The SpineForce targets specific back muscles weakened from disuse and puts them through an isolated workout.  We consider it a “boot camp” approach to strengthening the muscles of the spine, back and core.   The best way to minimize the risk of having a recurrence of your back pain is to maintain the strength of the spinal column musculature and build core strength.

How is it Different From other Core Strengthening Programs?

While it is true that pilates, yoga, and other exercises focus on the hips, abs, and glutes which are core muscles, it is vitally important to realize that your primary core muscle group is the deep spinal muscle group. The deep spinal muscles provide the foundation for all core activities but are more often than not weak, and neglected.   The patented SpineForce machine was specifically designed to strengthen the spine with it’s multidimensional rotating and oscillating platform and isometric exercises. The instability of the platform causes a kinematic muscular reaction in which the spine, the body’s center of gravity, strives to maintain equilibrium so you get better faster!  Our program is science based and we can test your back strength and chart your progress with the results you have after each exercise.

What Can You Do?

Contact our office at 954-452-4600 to schedule an initial consultation with our Doctor to determine if you are a candidate for care. After carefully studying your case history and exam findings, we will sit down and explain our recommended plan of action for you. After answering any questions you may have about the recommended plan, you may begin your care with our team.