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Interested in becoming a patient? Here is what you need ... Patient registration packet or you may call or stop by our facility to initiate the registration process.

Please call our office and we will be happy to contact your insurance for you to determine coverage, including deductibles and co-pays.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to know your insurance plan and coverage. However, we pride our business on exceptional customer service and will work with you to make sure that your portion of the physical / occupational / speech therapy expense fits your budget and expectations.  Keeping your scheduled appointments is extremely important. It ensures that you receive the maximum benefit from your treatment plan

If you begin therapy and have not discussed coverage with one of our accounts representatives / office manager, please do so as soon as possible.

Also, if we are not a provider for your insurance, that does not necessarily mean that we will not get reimbursement from your insurance company. Again, it is important to have our accounts specialist / office manager contact your insurance so that we can work out a payment plan for you.

We encourage our patients to be educated and proactive regarding their healthcare. You may want to contact your insurance company for your own benefits information. If your information is different from ours, we can make another phone call for clarification.

Your bill will vary depending on the treatment you receive and the billing codes used.

Questions to ask your insurance company:

  • What is my deductible?
    Has my deductible been met? If not, how much of the deductible has been met?
    What is the amount of copay I will need to pay?
    What are "out of network" deductibles and benefits?
    What is the amount of copay I will need to pay?
    Are there any visit limits or restrictions?
    Are my visit limits based on calendar year, benefit year, or other time frame?

Co-pays and Coinsurance:

Co-pays vary depending on insurance plans. We will determine your co-pay during your first visit or as soon as we can contact your insurance company. Because co-pays are often a percentage of the allowable charge to your insurance company, it is not always possible to accurately predict the exact amount owed per treatment. However, we encourage that you make some payment towards each treatment to avoid a large bill at the end of your therapy.


This is the amount of out-of-pocket expense required by the insured before your insurance will begin paying towards your medical expenses. It usually combines all medical expenses, your including doctor visits. Each insurance policy varies on the amount of deductible that is required. Because it is difficult to get full accuracy on the amount remaining on your deductible, we will wait until we hear from your insurance company to charge you this amount.


We will send out monthly statements. Unfortunately these can be confusing because of claims that are still pending collection from your insurance company. Do not be alarmed if the total amount of money due reflects a significant amount. As your insurance payments come in we can give you more accurate information on the amount actually owed by you. Please contact our accounts representatives for any questions and concerns.


For patients who choose not to use, or do not have insurance coverage for physical therapy, we offer our services for cash payment. Contact our account specialist / office manager for details.

Worker's Compensation

If your worker's compensation claim is denied, you are personally responsible for your bill.

Auto Insurance

Any charges not paid by medical pay provisions of auto insurance (yours or that of other parties in the accident) are your responsibility and are due and payable in full upon receipt. We will not file a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) claim with a private health insurance plan.

Personal Injury / Liens:

Please notify our office manager if an attorney is representing you prior to your initial appointment. We will provide you with a lien letter which must be signed by both the patient and the attorney to guarantee payment for services rendered once a settlement is reached. Our billing department will send all claims to the attorney as services are provided; however, we will wait for settlement of your claim for up to 12 months after your course of treatment is completed.

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